Blackbird User Interface Study


Project Background

Blackbird is a market leader in enabling Industry 4.0 for manufacturing sites across the world. We specialize in collecting data, data-processing and display analytics in real-time. We are working towards developing new ways of improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) on our customers production lines.

The Blackbird online User Interface and hardware devices is used every day by operators and technicians all over the world. Some users have very limited IT skills and others are very experienced. Our user interface must be able to accommodate both the inexperienced and the experienced user and that is a challenge.

Project Goal

We are looking for one or more students, who can rethink how we structure our user experience to make the use of our hardware and online software more intuitive to use and navigate in. We would also like to investigate how we can present the data to the customer in a way that is quickly and easily interpreted. The project could be split into following sections:

  • Collect data from Blackbird users by survey, interviews or observations.

  • Asses the user experience and identify the major user experience issues by mapping out the current process.

  • Using design methods, iteratively design and evaluate the interface between user and hardware/software.

  • Think about how Blackbird can incorporate new technology such as Voice assistant, smartwatches or digital glasses.

  • In details propose a final concept by summarising the result of the analysis and describe the next steps required to transition.

Throughout the project, Blackbird will supervise the project and provide the student(s) access to our office and workshop facilities. Blackbird will include one or more manufacturing companies in the project.


Peter Savnik,


Finn Hunneche, CEO & Owner, Blackbird
Peter Savnik, Peter Savnik, MSc.EE. Automation & Control, Blackbird


About Blackbird
Nordhavn, Denmark

Blackbird ApS is a spin-off from emendo Consulting Group. It all began with the frustration over the cost of installing data collection systems on filling lines at the Danish brewery, Royal Unibrew. The consultants in emendo decided that a better technology was needed. The idea behind Blackbird is to provide products and services, which will reduce wasted resources within companies and improve the way people live and work together. Everything is developed in-house and inspired by key customers and top graduate students. The company’s vision is to positively impact the lives of one million people before 2020. The Blackbird platform is already in use in Europe, North America and Asia