2018 July Blackbird Newsletter

Some of our customers are already enjoying the summer holiday, and we hereby hope to provide some interesting reading to those who have already left the office to enjoy the holiday season and to those still in the office daydreaming of their own holiday escape. Here are some updates and an inspiring story from Blackbird. 


  • Blackbird story: Factbird easily shows the "big picture" to anyone in a shop floor
  • Functional improvement: OEE report
  • Blackbird events and conferences
  • Support material updates: Data sheets

2018 May Blackbird Newsletter

We are happy to announce the launch of the new feature: Batch overview. This newly launched feature is a perfect solution for the industries that manufacture batches, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, the packaging industry and the food and beverage industry. In brief, Batch overview enables you to view multiple batches’ progress in real time and thus provides your manufacturing team with many great advantages in terms of production efficiency and cost minimization. You can read more about it in the following articles.


2018 April Blackbird Newsletter

Greetings from Blackbird

April is full of seasonal atmosphere with lots of spring smells. Flowers and leaves are coming out.  In some parts of the world, people celebrate Easter holiday while others ring in the new year. When we think of our customers, we think about the charms and differences in many places of the world as they are spread over more than 12 countries.

We are happy to announce the launch of the new feature: Shift/batch monitoring dashboard. It is a perfect solution if you would like to monitor the real-time progress of your shifts or batches and show it on a big flat screen at your shop floor. We share a case story about it and show how it works on this newsletter. Enjoy reading!

2018 March Blackbird Newsletter

Greetings from Blackbird

It is no longer difficult to collect data in the consumer industry, thanks to cloud computing and mobile technology. Data is easily collected by small devices, e.g. watches, smartphones, GPS and analyzed and visualized. 
This is also happening in the manufacturing industry. The data at every scene of a manufacturing site can be easily and quickly collected to help busy production people to make the best possible decisions. Blackbird has been used in many such cases, where our customers were surprised to see their live production data on their smartphones, within minutes of installation. 

In this issue, we share a user story that demonstrated how easily and quickly production data can be collected.  We are also happy to introduce a new WiFi setting feature of Factbird View and PLC cable for Factbird Digital. We also review access group management function. 
Enjoy reading!

2018 February Blackbird Newsletter

February is the shortest month of the year, but it is packed full of global holidays.  We hope you enjoy your Valentine's day, Winter break skiing holiday, Chinese new year and anything else you may be celebrating this month. 

We are happy to announce that we added two more languages on Blackbird application to support increasing customer's need in France and Turkey. Our dashboard is now available in French and Turkish. 

In this issue, we share a case study of our customer who had a good idea that inspired a major production innovation.  We are also happy to share functional updates on Blackbird application as well as new supporting materials. 
Enjoy reading!