September Newsletter

We hope you had a good summer! 

We are celebrating the Blackbird Newsletter's first birthday this month and we want to thank our wonderful curious readers for giving us a time email read rate. We will continue to improve the content and provide useful content and your feedback is always welcome.

On this newsletter, we are happy to share our publications in Danish media. We hope our articles encourage many small-medium companies to take a step forward to industry 4.0. We are also happy to share a user application case: "Make your production maintenance system real time". Lastly but not least, we would like to share tips: how to compare production performance of this week with last week on Blackbird system. 

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Blackbird customer case on Danish magazine "Jern-Maskinindustrien" 11th August 2017

One of our customer cases is published on Jern-Maskinindustrien both online and printed paper.

 --- Available in Danish ---

Data-analyse giver færre flaskehalse

Baltic Packaging har sat små sensorer til at registrere produktionen. Det har skabt en faktabaseret kultur, der gør det nemmere at indrette produktionen mere fleksibelt med færre flaskehalse.

Blackbird Newsletter August 2017

Greetings from Blackbird

We are happy to share that Blackbird system is the fast track to Industry 4.0.
Blackbird has also been used for some short-term projects, since it does not require any integration or big IT investment.  If there is any industry 4.0 initiatives in your organization, give us a try to see how it works!  When you love it, your factory will be more efficient forever and you can easily expand as needed without a huge upfront cost. We are happy to share such case in this newsletter – A Factbird User Company Journey, Stepwise approach. Later in this newsletter, we also share Blackbird tips – Visualization of the process on a shop floor. 

Moving toward industry 4,0 does not have to be "all or nothing". You can start small, and grow incrementally.
Enjoy reading and enjoy August!

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Blackbird customer case on Danish media "TekniskFokus" 10th August 2017

One of our customer cases is published on TekniskFokus today. 

--- Available in Danish ---


En mindre produktionsvirksomhed bruger dataopsamlingsværktøjet Factbird som en vigtig del af virksomhedens udvikling, fordi man har indset, at pålidelige data er langt mere værdifulde end meninger.

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Blackbird Newsletter July - Realtime Production Monitoring on Smartphones -

Thanks to our wonderful customers all over the world, our solution has been implemented over 12 industries by now, e.g. beverage, food, pharma, packaging, automotive, injection molding etc.  We are now collecting data from more than 100 lines and machines.

We are happy to see so many customers embracing Industry 4.0 and we are here to help no matter how big and how small their organizations are. We continue to develop the technology that offers a shortcut to industry 4.0 to companies in all sizes.
In this newsletter, we are happy to share two of our videos. One is a customer case video: “Baltic packaging made a first step toward data driven management”, and the other is the presentation made by Managing Partner of Blackbird at ICDK conference.

Enjoy reading and enjoy summer (for anyone in North hemisphere) !

Blackbird - June 2017 Newsletter

Industry 4.0 is one of the hottest topics in the manufacturing, but it is often described in a complex way... lots of wires, cables, wheels, etc.  On the other hand, IoT (Internet of Things) often looks very easy and simple. For example, an air-conditioner looks almost the same as it looked 10 years ago, but it is connected to a Cloud server, which enables the user to monitor the room temperature in real-time. This is what Blackbird offers to the manufacturing industry.  Blackbird connects manufacturing machines and lines to the internet quickly (just in 5 minutes), and provides data> information > knowledge > insight, on smartphones.

We share one of our customer cases on this newsletter, who found a leakage on one of the water utilities shortly after installing our system. We are also happy to share recent news, updates and user tips etc.
Enjoy reading!

Blackbird Newsletter May - Get on board for a data driven revolution  -

Greetings from Blackbird

Industry 4.0 is frequently discussed these days due to big industry fairs such as Hannover Messe and InterPack that were held in the past couple of weeks in Europe.  There is a saying in the German industry: “Be ready in 2025, or be history in 2035”.  We have experienced that getting ready for industry 4.0 is even more challenging for small-medium size companies due to lack of knowledge and resources. Recently Blackbird has been helping these small-medium size companies get on board for a data driven revolution and we are happy to share one of these cases: How Baltic Packaging introduced our system. 

Later on this newsletter, there will be our recent news and updates, which includes "How to add a Blackbird icon to your home screen" on your smartphone, Blackbird at ICDK flagship conference etc.

Enjoy reading