New ”Analytics Button” on our Blackbird Application


When you log on to the Blackbird application, you will see the last 8 hours overview of your lines with 6 buttons underneath - which allows you to navigate in your live-graph, production stats, OEE etc.

One of the buttons is now updated from “STOPS” to “ANALYTICS” with 4 pull down menus: STOPS, OEE, OPR and EXPORT. EXPORT is added to this menu, where you can export the last week of data from the selected time.


Let’s use the ANALYTICS function:

  1. Log into the Blackbird application

  2. Click “ANALYTICS” button and click one of the analytics you want to use

  • STOPS:  Here you can analyze your downtime. e.g. what is causing downtime and how long, when and how often.

  • OEE:  Here you can see your line-efficiency with OEE measurements.

  • OPR:  Here you can see your line-efficiency by the hour

  • EXPORT: Here you can export your data into a spreadsheet