Challenges from Daily Operating Life

Challenges from Daily Operating Life. Get Your Answers with Blackbird.

The Blackbird team is often contacted by customers with real time challenges from their daily life in manufacturing companies. Some examples are:

  • Operators sometimes forget to start their batches. Can Blackbird start them?

  • Can we show the batches in the production data overview?

  • Can you help us analyze what happened in a specific stop?

These daily production questions inspire the Blackbird team to add new features that enables a better understanding of the big amount of data that the Factbird connections are providing. Here is an example from an overview of stops and production time from a recent case: 


The production data and what it looks like for many of the Blackbird users: 


The many stops and the stop categories are being tracked, and the Blackbird tool provides a good overview across the period: 


But what if you are looking for a specific incident? This is where the Blackbird tools shines. With a few clicks it is possible to find the event, discuss what happened and fix the problem. This can take a long time with other production tools. 

Some of the customers are adding the Factbird View tool with the camera data collection on the line. By this you can analyze the event much better than with any other tool - and get the problem solved. 

So daily life questions are a very important inspiration for the development of the Blackbird tools. Please keep asking them!