New Check-In Pro

New Check-In Pro

If you do not know our “Check-In”, the explanation is short:

The Check-In buttons are used to register stop-causes in production. Stop-causes registrations are normally done in Blackbird, using a PC or tablet, but sometimes it is just easier to have a physical button: when the button is pushed down the last stop is assigned a configurable stop cause.

The wireless buttons generate their own power when pushed. When the receiver has acknowledged the signal, the button flashes to give the operator a visual confirmation that the press was registered.

Today we proudly present; the new “Check-In Pro” with completely wireless technology by Omron.

Transmission distance approx. 30-50 m (100 m in the open)
Number of buttons 8 pr. receiver. More receivers can be added
IP rating IP65
Regional versions EU (868.3MHz), US (922.5Mhz)