FAQ's for Factbird

FAQ’s for Factbird


We are always available to answer your questions, but here we have collected some of our frequently asked questions from customers and stakeholders.

Does Factbird support NPN and PNP sensors?

Each country across the world use either PNP sensors, i.e. sensors that source positive power to the output, or NPN sensors, i.e. sensors that sink ground to the output, as it is a default sensor. Each country has set this standard for itself historically.

The Factbird, by default, supports NPN sensors. That said, on request, the Factbird devices can be customized to support PNP sensors.

Where can I find more documentation on how to use the system and software?

We have made videos on how to use the system. You can find these videos under Factbird videos at: https://www.blackbird.online/support.

We have 4 kind of video:

  • How it works: Videos describing the overall solution and how to install the Factbird and sensors

  • Tutorials: How to use the software

  • User Stories: Customer stories

  • Events: Conference talks

My device is not sending data?

Check that the sensor is plugged in to the device.
Check that the light on the sensor is on.
Check that the device is powered on.

How do I configure my device?

To configure a device, you will need to have the role and be registered on the system "Company Administrator." 

You can edit the config of the device by clicking on the title of the device on the front page. Here, you can configure the line speed, stop duration and name.

How do I access Production Meter?

You can access Production Meter at https://production.blackbird.online by using your blackbird login.