New Feature in Production Meter

New Feature in Production Meter

Blackbird’s Production Meter, which shows real time production progress of a batch or a shift, has now been updated with a new feature.


The new feature allows you to choose, which OEE measurements should be included in your batch/shift target, as well as you can choose to show stop causes on the progress graph.

For example, if you choose to subtract “Non-production activities” (such as meeting and planned maintenance) from a batch/shit target during a period of Non-production activity, the target graph shows flat, because the expected production count does not increase during that time.

You can also choose to show stop cause on the progress graph. For example, if you choose to show stop type “Loss during operation”, it will show colored bars on the progress graph if there is any stop that is registered as loss during operation. It can also show names of stops on the colored bars. This allows you to analyze what causes production delay, when and how much.

In short, by using Production Meter, you can monitor:

  • How is a batch/shift running?

  • Is a batch/shift behind or ahead of target?

  • How much is the remaining production volume in a batch/shift?

  • Why does the production have delays and what are causing line stops? 

How to use the new feature:


  2. Click “Setting” on the bottom of the page. Configure the setting and show Shift or Batch (below 2 screenshots)