New function on Blackbird OEE Calculation

New function on Blackbird OEE Calculation

We have added a new button” Register Scrap” on the “REGISTER STOPS” page for OEE calculation.  Previously, the number of scraps was registered when you were running batches by using “REGISTER BATCHES”, or when using OPR under “Analytics” function.

Now you can also register the number of scraps for desired time range by just clicking a button whenever you have time.

  1. Go to “REGISTER STOPS” page

  2. Click “Register Scrap” under the chart

  3. Click “+New”

  4. Select the time range and key in the volume of the scraps


Then, the number is included in OEE calculation automatically.

  1. Go to “OEE” under “Analytics”

  2. “Scrap loss” is shown on the OEE waterfall chart


The benefit of this button:

If you are not using batches function or OPR function, you can calculate the number of scraps into your OEE measurement. 

You can register the numbers of scraps whenever you want to do so e.g. at the end of the day, instead of at the end of every batch.