Prepare your Production for Seasonal Demand

Prepare your Production for Seasonal Demand

Many of us enjoy the thought of the summer season, but for manufacturing companies exposed to high seasonal variations, it can be a production nightmare to meet all demands before the summer break. Even if the large production volume is met and exceeded, the next concern for some manufacturers, is to return from vacation and to manage getting the production back to normal function.

The reason for this, is that many companies use the holiday period to update the facility. For the maintenance function and the technical support suppliers it is a good time, but the risk is that not everything is working after the break. 

The Blackbird solutions are a great tool for seasonal challenges, as it benefits the production in meeting customer demand by increasing operation efficiency. In fact, the summer challenge can be even bigger because it affects the production equipment and routines in many companies, but with a well-established Blackbird solution it is easy to track whether you are back to normal after the summer break, as you have all the data you need on both production, stops, performance etc. - thus, showing you what is normal and what is not.

Apart from supporting productions in getting back on track, it is important to note that the Blackbird toolbox also includes the right tools to predict if production targets will be achieved before the vacation. The progress on orders, batches and shifts can easily be tracked and therefore the vacation targets will not come as a surprise for anyone involved in production and maintenance.


All that being said, we wish you a great summer season and hope that your production will run smoothly.