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Factbird Standard Package Monthly Subscription

Factbird collects data from sensors
(for example, number of units produced, or temperature of materials) and visualizes it on our secure cloud server.
You can see this data anytime anywhere to monitor your production status at


Factbird View Standard package Monthly Subscription

Factbird View collects video images from a network camera and sends constantly to Cloud server, where video images are synced with your production data and archived minute by minute. Video can be viewed anytime on your phone, table and PC at

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With your Monthly Subscription you get...


1 Factbird Standard Package

  • 1 Factbird
  • 1 Industry Standard Sensor
  • Monthly access subscription
  • 3 months minimum subscription

Factbird View Standard Package

  • 1 Factbird
  • 1 factbird View snake or fixed camera
  • 1 Industry Standard Sensor
  • Monthly access subscription
  • 3 months minimum subscription

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Simple and Easy Implementation

Adaptable for
various sensors

For both digital and analog sensors - Factbird is packaged with industry standard sensors depending on your specific application.

Independent and

Factbird collects data from a sensor, transfers that data via a GSM (cellular) network, and stores the data in a secure cloud database. It works independent of your existing system.

Plug & Play,
Installed in 1 hr

Factbird can be mounted on your production line in less than one hour and you can immediately start monitoring your process data from anywhere in real time.

SSL Encrypted
Secure Data

We use SSL encrypted connections which is the same level of security used by online banks. You never send or receive sensitive information in plain-text. We care deeply about protecting the privacy of the data entrusted to us by our customers.

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