Industry 4.0 - Detect Abnormal Production from Environmental Parameters


Project Background

Blackbird is a market leader in enabling Industry 4.0 for manufacturing sites across the world. We specialize in collecting data, data-processing and display analytics in real-time. We are working towards developing new ways of improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) on our customers production lines. As new sensors and technology become available, we explore how we can utilize it.

Bosch have developed a new Industrial IoT sensor, which can collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, accelerations and sound. From these parameters we would like to be able to detect if a manufacturing line or equipment is running normal operation or abnormal. For instance, when a motor or a belt is wearing out vibration or temperature changes, it could be detected to prevent a breakdown.

Project Goal

We are looking for one or more students, who can explore and test the possibilities to collect environmental data from production lines and correlate this to mechanical breakdowns and/or production line stops. The project could be split into following sections:

  • Collect dataset using an industrial sensor from Bosch.

  • Identify how Blackbird can classify data between normal/abnormal operation based on the available parameters from the sensor. Propose one or more classification/detection algorithms that is a theoretical good fit for the purpose.

  • Using the dataset, train the algorithm(s) and evaluate the performance.

  • Describe how Blackbird can integrate and utilize the results in the existing Blackbird ecosystem of data collecting devices and cloud data processing.

Throughout the project Blackbird will supervise the project and provide the student(s) access to our office and workshop facilities. Blackbird will include one or more manufacturing sites in the project.


Peter Savnik,


Finn Hunneche, CEO & Owner, Blackbird
Peter Savnik, Peter Savnik, MSc.EE. Automation & Control, Blackbird


About Blackbird
Nordhavn, Denmark

Blackbird ApS is a spin-off from emendo Consulting Group. It all began with the frustration over the cost of installing data collection systems on filling lines at the Danish brewery, Royal Unibrew. The consultants in emendo decided that a better technology was needed. The idea behind Blackbird is to provide products and services, which will reduce wasted resources within companies and improve the way people live and work together. Everything is developed in-house and inspired by key customers and top graduate students. The company’s vision is to positively impact the lives of one million people before 2020. The Blackbird platform is already in use in Europe, North America and Asia